kitchen fire

the following material is REAL.

Me and my family were wtching a movie last night around 9:30 pm and then we heard someone run up our dorrstep and ringing the ring button.then we opened it and our neigbor said with her around 3 year old son said “our house is on fire”.and then i had to keep her son occupied,witch wasnt hard at all,then i saw a firetruck coming down our gravel road,barely fitting, with all there lights on and about 10-20 firemen. This fire started because they got a new oven and put it on setting”auto clean”,then they saw smoke,then bursted flames then ran to us for dad had put out the fire most of the fire before the firefighters came. and then my sis went in to and helped my dad. what a weird night that i totaly didnt expect.



3 Responses to kitchen fire

  1. Djmixer6 says:

    i feel bad for ur neighbors is there house still useful or do they have to bunk in with u or somethn

  2. me12101 says:


  3. mrgilla says:

    there house is fine.i think it was only the kitchen.but i see it dosn’t smell good because when my dad got home and sis they smelled like a fire and that puffy stuff you put out fires with,fire extinguisher i think.

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