New catalog!

Everybody welcome the most awsomly cool october penguin style catalog! 😀 Here are the cheats:
On the 2nd page click the pumpkin to get the red viking helmet!
Open and close the red viking helmet 4 times to get the blue viking helmet
When the blue viking helmet is still on your screen click the yellow puffel to the left to get the:

flip some pages and click the tourch beside the goast to get the RARE BLACK MASK!!

Click the lighthouse in the backround of the orange penguin to get the BLACK SCUBA MASK!
To get the mixed braclets go to the shoe section of the catalog and click the pink flipper!

to get the jade necklace go to the 9th page and click the spickster cuffs!


P.S Sorry this post is late i thought snoop was doing it but hes grounded 😦


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