Djmixer6’s 6 Month Membership Giveaway!

Hey guys,I was thinking and I want to give away a six month membership to a lucky contest winner!But first,I need to make sure everyone is going to try their best to win and ACTUALLY try!So to do that First you must answer the poll,then leave a comment saying you are entering.

Now if I do this remember I want you to try your very best!Also I will give smaller prizes to a/those 2nd prize winner(s).I hope everyone has a good day and the results will come out on Friday.Thanks for listening,

~DJmixer6 😀

Go to htpp:// for the results on Friday or just click here!


2 Responses to Djmixer6’s 6 Month Membership Giveaway!

  1. happypippi says:

    hey, can i enter your member ship competition?

  2. happypippi says:

    oops i just realised the comp is over haha sorry bout that

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