I’m Back

Hi for all you wonderful fans I have a story. I have been coming on Club Penguin for a few days know and greeted by fans. I have decided to come back. I will be using Cp Snoopdog, not much MantaxToa. If I do get membershio again it will be on Cp Snoopdog. PARTY SCHEDULE CHANGED: When I get 8,500 visits I will throw a party. Meet me on the servers! Main servers to meet me on: Fjord,Matterhorn,Chinook,Frozen,Tobaggon. And if ANYONE SEES IZZYFIZZY81 ADD HER AS A FRIEND AND TELL ME. I really miss her, she deleted me one day because she liked me, atleast thats what I think and I am 100% believing my answer. She is mainly on the bottom servers. Her brother that owns the account may be on, still just do it.


One Response to I’m Back

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