For Modern CP’ers

Hey you all, it’s cpsnoopdog again, and I’d just like to say that I think modern CP bloggers should get to see my website and all the history it has been through.

This blog is a gem in the Club Penguin community and is great to look through, to see how me, mods, and old mods have grown up over time.

In the Club Penguin days, I was part of many blogs and many people were a part of mine. How I got my blog so well known was straight from the bottom to the top for me.

I did not use any services to “enhance my views”, or any of that. I used my social skills to make my blog something worth seeing.

I remember at times my blog would be REAL popular, I’d get thousands of views in just a few months, which doesn’t happen very often on here. The time I spent blogging on here were great times I cherish all the time and I’m so glad it was part of my life.

The friends I made on Club Penguin were oh so great friends, the kind of friends I would just love to have and be with in real life, haha. My friends on CP meant a lot to me, and I looked forward to seeing them everyday. Some of my best friends were: Kgirl708, Ag7200, and even Lime and Djmixer6. I know me, Lime, and Dj got into some arguments and eventually broke off from each other, but that’s all in the past and I hope to get in touch with the friends I’ve listed today sometime soon.

If you have ANY questions, need tips, or want me to help you even work on your blog, I’ll see what I can manage. You can contact me at, again and on Twitter @mrgilla.

I love you all :D!

-cpsnoopdog (mrgilla)


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