More hits than ever

July 27, 2009

I am getting mroe hits than ever since i have been off mroe than usual and telling things that other cp blogs dotn care about. i have mroe than 5,000 hits. and just a bit ago i checked my blog and i had 3,ooo somethin or 2,000 somethin. Im gonna go get a pic of the stats and puttem on……..


RIP Michael Jackson

June 26, 2009

Michael jackson died today , said june 25 2:26.


-Cp Snoopdog

bionicole again

May 31, 2009

hi it is bionicole again for more cheats and more info go to because i post every day

CP LKT Thugz

May 25, 2009

LKT Thugz are takin over frozen on CP.
Join now by commenting. Lets take over cove first. We are not an army, we are a thug group to take over clubpenguin. I am the starter. Dress as much like me as you can in these pictures. Meet me ant the cove. Seeya there thugz!

goin slow

May 25, 2009

the site is goin slow. sorry its goin slow, i dont think i will be able to post cheats for a lil bit. but i will still post, bionicole posts on here to so dont worry. see my other stuff and sites. check to see what me and bionicle are up to.

-cp snoopdog always keepin the flag up

new glitch

April 6, 2009

Here is an awesome glitch!

Only members can do it though.

1. Put a teleport box in your igloo.

2. Walk away from it then click it.

3. Before you stop at it click “Edit Igloo”

4. Wait a few seconds.

4. You will be teleported to the box dimension room.

5. All penguins including you no longer have names until you log off!


March 18, 2009

im helping out my friend( atleast as far as you guys know).

instructions: 1. go to the right of the page 2. go down untill you see a clickable thing that reads my chatbox 3. click it.

there ya go

-mantax toa